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GrabBag – Beetlejuice 2, ‘R’ Movies for Kids, and the Problem With ‘Let It Go’


It’s Friday! Boy, are you ever ready for this weekend. Starved for non-work-related internet surfing. The only thing you need is a bunch of links to check out. Well bully for you, because today’s GrabBag is a SUPER-SIZED barrel of web content, with 10 different links and videos. Time to pull up a seat, get your finger on that mouse, and GORGE!!!

  • It looks like Tim Burton and Michael Keaton are seriously considering doing Beetlejuice 2.
  • Christina Bianco does impressions of several famous divas singing “Let It Go”. These are hilarious, but she’s pretty terrific herself.
  • Speaking of “Let It Go”, Slate’s Dana Stevens has a problem with a small part of the sequence that she says contradicts Frozen‘s otherwise pro-feminist messages. I totally get her point, but honestly, if that’s your only problem with a movie that’s otherwise so much better an influence for young girls (and boys!) than 99.999% of the rest of pop culture? Let it go, Dana. (heh. heh. heh.)
  • Take a look at Rush‘s CGI effects side-by-side with real footage of Niki Lauda’s crash.
  • Dallas Buyers Club‘s Oscar-nominated (and likely winning) make-up work was all done on a budget of only $250. Wow. Just… wow.
  • Still confused by that “preferential ballot” the Oscars use for their Best Picture category? Still care? (Did you ever?) Here’s another really good explaination, courtesy of The Wrap’s Steve Pond…
  • Has The LEGO Movie (review coming soon) left you wanting more? Here are some great LEGO-ized posters for this year’s Best Picture nominees.
  • The always hilarious Onion reviews the new RoboCop movie…

Okay, okay, OKAY!!! That’s enough surfing for now, big clicker. Breathe. Save some room for next week. There’ll always be more…

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Chastain is Brave… Plus: Globes are Coming!

Photo by Annie Leibovitz

Photo by Annie Leibovitz

Jessica Chastain poses as Merida from Pixar’s Brave. This is part of an ongoing series by Disney Parks. You can read all about it and see some behind the scenes shots here. Something about the digital editing seems off, but the concept is glorious.

In other news, The Golden Globe Awards are this Sunday (7pm Central on NBC). In case you need a refresher, you can see the nominees here. Or you can download a printable ballot here.

Sometime the Globes can be even more fun than the Oscars. They may mean less (not that the Oscars mean all that much to begin with), but the celebs in the audience sit at round tables and get to drink. It leads to a looser, more fresh and relaxed night overall. And last time they were on Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were the perfect hosts, just as good if not better than any Oscar host has ever been.

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