The Screen Life Returns!


It’s no secret that posts on this blog have been simple, few, and far between for a while now. It’s been a crazy few months. Since May, I quit my job, got married, honeymooned in Disney World, moved to Grand Rapids, applied and interviewed for countless new employers, and finally… got a new job!

That last part was the key. I couldn’t allow myself to spend much time or energy on this blog – which doesn’t exactly pay the bills (at least not yet!) – until I found a way to actually make money first. But now that I have a real job, I’m returning to The Screen Life with regular posts.

So tell your friends and spread the word. TSL is back online!



One thought on “The Screen Life Returns!

  1. Rhiannon says:

    Congrats on the job!
    Loved your Robin Williams post – I’d completely forgotten about that movie/scene in the last couple days (my mind kept going to the last scene in Mrs Doubtfire).

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