On Marriage, Moving, and Irregular Blogging

You might’ve noticed that posts to this blog have been a little sparse as of late. Of course it’s not always possible to post every singe day, as I’d like, but it’s been a week since my last post. And even before that, I was reduced to just putting up trailers and things I could publish quickly.

Even though it’s not related to screens in any way, I’d like to explain why (for those who don’t already know) this blog has been – and will probably continue be – a little light on posts.

This summer I will be moving to Grand Rapids, MI. Leading up to, and possibly after the move I will be focusing my energies more on job-hunting. Before that, I will be apartment hunting. And before that I will be on my honeymoon. Which brings me to the biggest thing keeping me away from my computer…


Yup! By 6:30 this evening I will be a married man. Needless to say, wedding preparations have monopolized most of my free time. But to be honest – as much as I love writing for this blog – I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I will keep posting to The Screen Life – probably irregularly for the next month or so, until we’ve settled into GR and I have a job. Until then, wish me luck!!!



One thought on “On Marriage, Moving, and Irregular Blogging

  1. Belinda Brin says:

    Congratulations, Aaron. Best wishes for a long and happy marriage.

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