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APRIL FOOLS!!!… Or Was It?

OK, lots of you were either too savvy or too cynical to be taken in by yesterday’s fake April Fools Day announcement. However, just in case I succeeding in duping any of you, let me set the record straight:

No. The Screen Life was not bought out by, nor made any deal whatsoever with, The Huffington Post. It was a mere pipe dream. While most of the changes I listed actually are long term plans – increased content, ad revenue, etc. – it probably unlikely any of those will happen in the near future.

However, there was one bit of truth hidden in the mix… THE NEW WEB ADDRESS!!!

Going forward, you can access this blog directly at thescreenlife.com. (You can still use the old WordPress address too, but it’s not necessary.) So, I meant it when I told you to make sure to update your bookmarks and RSS feeders!

But yeah, the rest was all fake. Gotcha!


(This is a real movie from 1985. Look it up. No foolin’!)

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The Screen Life Acquired By Huffington Post


This has been brewing for a couple weeks, and a few of you already know some of the details, but today I can officially announce it:

The Screen Life has been acquired by The Huffington Post!

What began just 3 months ago as a small, free WordPress blog has since blossomed into a destination for thousands of screen-savvy readers. Realizing a smart (if I do say so myself) investment when they see it, the web’s largest content aggregator has seen fit to bring us under it’s umbrella.

This is an exciting announcement for us, mostly for the blog itself, but also for the history being made. The dollar amount of this deal is an unprecedented one for a blog of this size and youth. I feel it’s a bit gauche to talk specifics of money, but well, I’m just too damn excited to not say something! It’s public record now anyway, so feel free to look it up yourself if you want. Still, I’ll let the financial mags wrestle over the economic significance. Over here, we’re all confetti and cake!

How will The Screen Life change?

For the most part we’ll keep doing what we do best: screen-related news, reviews, and op-eds you’ve already come to know and enjoy. I will remain chief editor and continue to produce over 90% of the content. But there will be a few changes – all good things, we hope! I’ll have more details as we make the transition over the next few days, but for now here’s a glimpse of the improvements you can expect:

  • Our new web address – thescreenlife.com – is already live! (Make sure to update your bookmarks and RSS readers!)
    • During the transition, and likely a while after that, you can still use the same WordPress URL. (We’re hoping to keep that permanent.)
    • You can also find us at www.huffingtonpost.com/thescreenlife. (It may take another day or so before this URL is active.)
  • We’ll have access to HuffPo resources for more breaking news and exclusive stories and interviews, as well as the assistance of a great team of producers experienced in running a popular website.
  • We’ll also feature regular posts from contributing writers from HuffPo staff and elsewhere.
  • Not to get too personal, but part of the deal with HuffPo included a large enough share of ad revenue to support a salary for myself. I mention this because it affects the blog in two ways…
    • I will now be able to devote all my energy and focus on this blog. There will be a lot more content published, including several posts every day.
    • Unfortunately, this does mean there will be a few banner ads. Yeah, I know ads are annoying, but they are the best way to fund a high quality blog.
    • This I promise: I will never let our stories and opinions be influenced by our advertisers. I have assurances from the HuffPo team that this is a promise we can and will keep!

Going forward, we expect The Screen Life to continue its meteoric rise, and we likely make further changes as necessary to keep pace. Please leave us feedback in the contents, either positive or negative. As we grow, we want to make sure your voices are heard. You, the reader, are the reason we’ve come this far, and the reason we will now have this wonderful opportunity.

Thank you for reading!

– Aaron L. Fram


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Follow the Oscars with The Screen Life on Facebook

Head over to The Screen Life on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/thescreenlife – and give it a “Like.” As you watch the Oscars tonight, remember to check back throughout the show, as I’ll be posting occasional updates directly to the Facebook page.

Rather than live-blog every single detail (which honestly made the Golden Globes less fun to watch), I’m thinking FB will make it easier and less distracting to post. And I can use my phone!

Also, remember to print off In Contention’s awesome printable Oscar ballot before the show, and/or use our Oscar Predictions page for a complete list of nominees and ranked predictions.

And don’t forget to come back to the blog tomorrow for a complete rundown and analysis of the show!

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