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2048: My Newest Puzzle Game Obsession

Well, my days of accomplishing anything at all have come to an end, thanks to a game called “2048.”

Actually, the thanks goes to yesterday’s xkcd (or more accurately, the Explain xkcd wiki) for introducing me to the most addictive puzzle since Sudoku.

2048 is a simple online game involving numbered tiles on a 4×4 grid. Use the arrow keys to shift the tiles as far as they can go in any direction. When two tiles with the same number meet, they merge into a new tile with the combined value. With every move a new tile will appear on a random empty cell. The goal is to get a tile with the number 2048, but you lose if you fill up the entire grid and have no more moves.

2048 sample 1

I’ve yet to win, but I’m getting better!

It’s actually far simpler than it sounds. You’ll get the hang of it in just a few moves, but the longer you play the more you’ll start to recognize patterns and strategies.

It’s insanely addictive, and best of all, totally free! But there is a link to donate, and I highly recommend that you do. Developers like this should be encouraged.

Play 2048 here, or visit http://git.io/2048 on your mobile browser.

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Octodad Preview

I don’t post much about video games – mostly because I don’t know much about them. I’m pretty terrible at anything other than Tetris or MarioKart. But this new game called Octodad looks hilarious and adorable.

You play an octopus trying (miserably) to pass as a human family man. Premise sounds hilarious, though I imagine it’s probably pretty hard. (The preview above reminds me of QWOP.) Still, I want to try it out. (I might even want to try it out more than I want that $15 in my bank account… hmm…)

NPR covered it here.

View the website and purchase the game here.

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