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GrabBag: Valentine’s Edition – Princesses and Romantic Video Games

Heart with Question Mark copy

Happy Valentine’s Friday! In lieu of a card or teddy bear, I present you with this GrabBag of screen-related bon-bons…

  • Up first, The Onion’s “Starfix” gives us a behind-the-scenes look at Colin Farrell’s “lack of preparation” for this weekend’s big romantic release, Winter’s Tale
  • Oscar’s telecast producers urged winners to give speeches “from your heart, not from a list.” I can get behind that. Who cares about a list of agents and producers? The speeches we remember are those that take the opportunity to really say something.
  • Speaking of Disney, the cast of Frozen reunited for a live Cabaret night. I wish we got more than 18 seconds of footage from it.
  • And finally, Hoth should never have been chosen to host the Winter Olympics

Hoth olympics

(Source: Imgur)

OK that’s enough candy for today. Time to go buy some real sweets, whether you have a sweetie to share them with or get the whole box to yourself!

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