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R.I.P. – Bob Hoskins

Legendary British actor Bob Hoskins died of pneumonia yesterday at the age of 71. (See reports from BBC, Huffington Post, CNN, and several others.)

He was perhaps most famous for his lead (co-lead?) role in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and as Smee in Steven Spielberg’s Hook. But his resume is a long and impressive one over more than 40 years. He gained widespread acclaim for the 1980 classic The Long Good Friday, and has since had memorable roles in Brazil, Mona Lisa, Pink Floyd The Wall, Mermaids, Nixon, Enemy at the Gates, Unleashed, Mrs. Henderson Presents, Hollywoodland, a 2000 TV version of Don Quixote, and many many more.  Most recently he appeared in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Even as bad as Super Mario Bros. was, I still loved seeing him in the role.

(Yup that’s the entire movie, if you feel so inclined.)


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