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2014 Golden Globe Awards: LIVE-BLOG EVENT!


Keep your finger on that F5 (refresh) key, as I’ll be updating this page regularly throughout the show.

  • Supporting Actress – Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle
  • Supporting Actress, TV – Jaqueline Bisset, Dancing On the Edge
  • TV Mini Series/Movie – Behind the Candelabra
  • Actress TV Mini Series/Movie – Elizabeth Moss, Top of the Lake
  • Actor, TV Drama – Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
  • TV Drama – Breaking Bad
  • Score – Alex Ebert, All Is Lost
  • Song – U2, “Ordinary Love,” Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom !!!!!!!!
  • Supporting Actor, TV – Jon Voight, Ray Donovan
  • Actress, Comedy – Amy Adams, American Hustle
  • Actress, TV Drama – Robin Wright, House of Cards
  • Supporting Actor – Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club
  • Screenplay – Spike Jonze, Her
  • Actor, TV Comedy – Andy Samberg, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Foreign Language Film – The Great Beauty
  • Actor, TV Mini Series/Movie – Michael Douglas, Behind the Candelabra
  • Animated Film – Frozen
  • Actress TV Comedy – Amy Poehler, Parks & Recreation
  • Cecil B. DeMille Award: Woody Allen
  • Director – Alfonso Cuarón
  • TV Comedy – Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Actor, Comedy – Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf of Wall Street
  • Film, Comedy/Musical – American Hustle
  • Actress, Drama – Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine
  • Actor, Drama – Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club
  • Film, Drama – 12 Years a Slave

Things will get under way at 7pm Central. The broadcast is on NBC (Channel 5 here in St Louis). As a final reminder, you can check out my predictions HERE, and you can print your own ballots HERE.

And don’t forget, let me know your own thoughts in the comments!!!

6:00 – One hour to go! Pizza is ordered. My station is set up. The cats have encircled me. And the Broncos/Chargers game is nearing the end. (Not looking so good for SD.)

6:37 – Red carpet coverage going on now. I’ll be honest, I don’t pay as much attention to this stuff. I’ll probably spend the next 23 minutes flipping back and forth with the football game.

Mmm… that menu sounds yummy!… Aaand right on cue, the pizza is here. Perfect timing!

7:00 – AND WE’RE OFF…!!!

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are killing it. I love these two. The Gravity bit was hilarious…. “I’m on a Boat” adapted into Captain Phillips!

Lawrence is good on stage. Her cute stammering is the kind of thing that will keep them getting her on stage… Bisset: Everything is just taking way too long. I usually hate it, when they try to play people off stage and cut speeches short, but they gave her PLENTY chance. You have to be more aware than that.

I really want to see Behind the Candelabra. I’ve heard so many wonderful things. In Europe it was released in theaters, and it’s getting a lot of film nominations from European groups.

Breaking news: Matt Damon has just signed for the lead in the newest superhero movie: The Garbageman.

Eeek! Technical difficulties: please stand by. The computer I was using to update this just turned itself off!

…Aaaand we’re back. Whew! That was annoying. Luckily didn’t miss to much. Just the presidents stupid speech that uses the same stupid joke every year, and an intro to Wolf of Wall St.

Ok that’s seriously awesome to see and hear from the real Philomena Lee. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you should.

For those who don’t know, Alex Ebert is “Edward Sharpe” from Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros. I’ve seen them live here at The Pageant here in St Louis. They put on a great show!

U2 winning Best Song is the first pretty major upset we’ve had tonight. My guess would be that the songs from Frozen and Inside Llewyn Davis, split the vote and this one slipped between. Don’t expect this to happen at the Oscars since “Please, Mr. Kennedy” is ineligible for that award. “Let It Go” is still the surest lock there is at the Oscars this year.

Voight sounds like he’s struggling up there. Maybe it really was just nerves.

Robert Downey, Jr. is great as always. I see Adams is sticking with the plunging neckline that helped her to this award. No, that’s not fair; she was actually really fantastic in that movie, and she’s continually proving herself to be a great actress, cleavage or no. Still, after her and Lawrence, we could be looking at a huge haul by American Hustle before the nigh is over.

Oh man I’m dying from Poehler as “Randy”… “Is it him?” Bwahahahaaa!!!

“I believe it was Shia LeBoef who said that.” HAAAA!!!!! Zing!

Very happy for Leto, and his shout-out to the “Rayons” of the world.

Emma Thompson holding a martini in one hand and her shoes in the other. This is why I love the Globes!

So far I’m 3 for 6 in film categories and 3 for 7 in TV for a whooping 6 out of 13 overall. If you followed my predictions, I’m sorry.

The Great Beauty has been winning a number of awards, so it’s not that much of a surprise.

The bit with Melissa McCarthy thinking she’s Matt Damon, was a great concept, and I think it could’ve been pulled off a lot better if Jimmy Fallon hadn’t hogged the mic and let her play with it more.

Emma Watson and Chris Pine were stupidly underused. I blinked and practically missed them. It’s like why were they even there. That was a lot of money well spent.

Yay Amy Poehler! I love Park & Rec!! Funny how show so confident and great as a host, but tripping all over herself in her acceptance speech.

I like the video retrospective of Woody Allen’s seemingly endless filmography. Nice Speech by Diane Keaton. but did they really cut the sound for so long because she was going to say “goddamn”??? Fucking censors.

If they relly wanted to make these shows shorter, producers could get rid of all these previews for the nominated films. Useless.

Really excited for the great Cuaron. Maybe there really will be a 3-way 4-way split (with Her getting screenplay)!!

So that’s it for the TV awards. I ended up going 5 for 11 in my TV predictions. Really not that surprised. I just don’t follow TV as much as I do films.

Alright, DiCaprio!! This is the best work of his career, so damn right he deserves this! But will he crack the top 5 for the Oscar?, He seems to be in 6th place, but if he beat Bruce Dern here, maybe he can get in. It would be a real shame if Dern missed out on his nomination because of it though. He deserves some serious recognition too.

Oh nice, the real Nikki Lauda is a treat to see. Fun! Rush was a fantastic film. It’s not getting near as much awards recognition as it deserves.

Hustle‘s win is not a surprise, but again I must repeat my own opinion: It’s a finely made, and excellently acted movie, but it’s just not good enough to be considered “Best Film” in ANY category. There were soooo many better movies this year, and several of them were nominated against it.

Blanchett is really getting good practice with giving speeches. I’m sure she’ll need it, come March.

The McConnaissance continues! Great speech. His is the best of the night so far. about time we finally have a really good, funny, memorable speech from a great winner.

And there it is. The split happened after all! It really is something to be amazed about, because it’s so rare that a best director’s film doesn’t win picture in either category. What it really says is that we’re no closer at the end of this night than we were before to knowing who is actually in the lead for the Oscar.

The Best Pic Oscar really does seem like a 3-way tie now, between 12 Years, Gravity, and Hustle. When the SAG, PGA, and DGA announce their winners, we may have a clearer idea, but for now it’s totally up in the air.

And that’s exciting! We haven’t had a race this good in years. Maybe even since I started paying attention 15 years ago. Gladiator v. Traffic v. Crouching Tiger is the first, closest, one that comes to mind. Last year was pretty up in the air early on, but the Globes pretty much sealed the deal for Argo, and then it was all boring after that. This year we still dont know and that’s what makes this whole awards-watching thing fun.

Thanks for staying up and reading and watching with me. This is the first time I’ve ever “live-blogged” anything. It was fun! Thanks again for reading. Good night!!!!


P.S. My predictions got 10/14 for film and 5/11 for TV. Overall 15/25. Not my best. But not my worst either.

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