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GrabBag – A 3 Minute Film History Lesson, plus Clint Eastwood takes on the “Jersey Boys”

ANNOUNCEMENT: For those paying attention, GrabBag has been a regular Friday feature here at The Screen Life. While it’s not going away, it’s going to be a little less regular for a bit. I could tell you that this is because news has been a little slower recently, but truth is actually more personal. With a number of major life-changing events happening over the next few months (wedding, moving, career change, etc.), the demands on your humble author have skyrocketed.

Don’t worry I won’t abandon this blog! I’m just cutting back on the number of GrabBags. That said, I do have a limited one for you today: a montage and two trailers…

  • The entire history of film in under 3 minutes.
  • If you were to list probable directors to helm the film version Broadway musical smash hit Jersey Boys, about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, I doubt Clint Eastwood would be near the top of that list. Nevertheless, with his name adding an established pedigree to such a popular material, this is probably one to keep in mind, come awards season.
  • The Rover will star a very rough-looking Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson in the Australian outback. Directed by David Michod, who directed Jackie Weaver to an unexpected Oscar nomination a few years ago in Animal Kingdom.
  • The film’s marketing team also released a couple stills and posters…

TheRover_Gun _ROV7508.nef TheRover_Pearce TheRover_Pattinson

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