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GrabBag – Game of Thrones and Animal Interpretations

It’s Friday, Friday!! I’ll spare you the Rebecca Black song. Instead here’s another GrabBag full of internet goodies.

  • This budgie has learned to speak R2D2-ese.
  • I wish I had a Mario Cat.
  • Speaking of Game of Thrones (no spoilers), last Sunday’s Season 4 premier has inspired a couple of awesome mashups. Here’s one with Kick-Ass

GoT Kick-Ass

…and with the new Captain America: The Winter Soldier.




  • And of course, I know I already posted it – in fact it was the ONLY thing I posted during a slow week – but I can’t post all this Game of Thrones stuff without revisiting Game of Goats.


  • Finally (and moving on from GoT), the New York Film Academy has created another infographic, this time on black inequality in film. (AwardsDaily)



That was a long one! Well, that’s all for today. Thanks for reading, and check back next Friday for another GrabBag!


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GrabBag – Oscar Weekend!


It’s Oscar Weekend, folks! I’ve spent the week focused on my 6-part Oscar Predictions series (now complete!), so today’s GrabBag may be a bit less thought-out than usual. Still, you need your weekend fix of internet links, so here we go…

  • Kids reenact Oscar nominees…
  • Fandor has a series of video essays on who “deserves” to win. (I haven’t had a chance to watch these yet, but they are high on my to-do list.)
  • In case you haven’t been paying attention to the season, check out In Contention’s 10 Things You Need to Know About the 2014 Oscars. While I may not agree describing last year’s show as “terrible,” these are the most important facts to keep in mind leading up to the big night.
  • Moving away from Oscar for a moment (I know, right?)… The real backstory of Andy’s mom make the Toy Story films that much more endearing.
  • Speaking of Disney, the folks behind Frozen release a Deleted Scene. (Good thing it was deleted.)
  • And speaking of Frozen (I’ve had a lot of Frozen-related links in these GrabBags recently, haven’t I?): My apologies to your eardrums, but this is pretty hilarious. “Let It Go” as sung by, who else, Mr. Freeze…

That’s all for today. Enjoy your Oscar Weekend! Oh, and Mardi Gras, too. Yeah that’s happening, apparently.

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