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Animusic Is a Reality

Remember Animusic? Here’s a refresher: Animusic was a series of computer animated videos of complex rube goldberg-style robotic machines that played “instrumental” music. (See some of the original videos at the end of this post.)

They were surprisingly hypnotic and enjoyable. And the animation was so good in some cases, that when I first saw it (on a small TV several feet away, near the ceiling in a retail store I used to work at) I thought it might have been real from the start.

Well they weren’t real – just the product of some wonderful imagination and technical skill – but it was only a matter of time. This video is of a real machine, built by Intel, to recreate one of the Animusic contraptions. And it’s fantastic. (If they could only mask the hydraulic noise made by shooting all those pellets, it would be perfect.)

UPDATE: Ok so I realized a bit too late that this video isn’t all that new. It was uploaded in 2011. But it’s news to me, which is enough to make it news for The Screen Life!)

Here’s the original that they referenced…

It turns out Youtube has full versions of both Animusic videos. Here’s Animusic 1

…and Animusic 2


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