Obama on Between Two Ferns w/ Zach Galifinakis

I’m about a day late with this one. Chances are you’ve already seen President Obama’s hilarious episode of Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifinakis.

But watch it again and take a moment to admire Barack Obama as an actor. Surely all his lines – the insults at least – were scripted, but you wouldn’t know it watching his performance. If you’d never seen Between Two Ferns before you might actually think his annoyed attitude is real (when in fact that’s the premise of pretty much every episode). Say what you will, but the man is definitely comfortable in front of a camera.

There are no authentic embedable versions, so it’s worth it to head over to Funny or Die to watch the video. But if your clicker-finger is really that lazy, here’s a crappy stretched-out YouTube copy that will probably be removed in a few hours…


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